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Giving a second life to kids' items!

Parent's heavy duty

Is it hard to keep up kids' rapid growth?

Kids accumulate so much stuff, and it’s hard to keep up with their rapid growth and the constant changes in interests and favorite toys. Are you struggling to organize the stuff of your kids? And adapt their interest changes? You are not alone...

Even though you want to limit the items of your kids, do they have incredible amount of stuff that you are hardly control? Your baby is growing rapidly. The things they need when are baby is not same as when they are toddler, preschooler and grade-schooler. They need items for special needs in the specific ages.

  • When kids grow and their clothes doesn't fit, the clothes can be used by many other kids. Do you share your kids' clothes with your family & friends kids?

free labels on the street

Putting your items on the curbside to share

After identifying what your kids need, you pack the unused kids' stuff. Then, put a "FREE" label and locate in your curbside? All good until now; but are you sure it will be collected by someone who really needs?

  • If no one pass your street or doesn't collect your items, they become a waste.A majority (~70%) of solid waste is dumped in a landfill.

  • Gift your kids' items and get gifts from other parents: Together we will increase recycling in the kids' items and decrease carbon footprint.

  • To reach more people and choose who you want to gift Re-Life is waiting for you!


Re-Life is waiting you!

If you feel that it is needed to share some of them and ask 'Where should we give this a home?', here we are. Re-Life will bring you close to your item's new home owner. You can share your kids' items for giving them a second life.

  • TOYS: Animals, cars, construction toys, creative toys, dolls, educational toys, electronic toys, puzzle/assembly, etc.

  • CLOTHES: Trousers, skirts, shorts, denim, jeans, rain suits, snow suits, jackets, etc.

  • BOOKS: Board books, picture books, fairy tales, interactive books, poetry books, alphabet books, etc.

  • GEAR: Stroller, bassinet, crib mattress, car seat, baby carrier, diapers, etc.

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About us

Welcome to Re-Life, the digital platform where parents can share their kids' unused items for free and make them useful for others in their local community. As the founder of Re-Life, I am a mother who understands the challenges of raising a family and the importance of reducing waste. That's why I created this platform – to provide a supportive and welcoming community where parents can easily find and share gently used items, meet others, and make a difference.At Re-Life, we believe in the power of reuse and the importance of reducing waste. By sharing and reusing, we can all do our part to make a positive impact on the environment. Our team is made up of parents who are passionate about sustainability and committed to creating a platform that helps families declutter, save money, and make a positive impact on the world.Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more sustainable future!